Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Bigdaddy has set up some forums for us.  Here is the link: http://notachance.freeforums.org/

Hop on and post some more spawn memes, or actually discuss the game :D

Sunday, December 16, 2012


Prepare yourself for a wall of theorycrafting text from Erayzer:

I think I've figured out what would be the best gear, theoretically. Dex and AC would be useless, since having high to hit% will beat AC easily anyway. So, I think having a king's prefix should be sufficient, maybe even having two iron rings could do the job. But, King's is the best prefix for damage available thus making iron pretty much useless in to hit regards. That's assuming Wirt sells affixes up to 2*clvl (which I'm not sure about). Strength is pretty bad too, since the amount of damage it gives, compared to how much life we can get on same item slots, which would make +vitality or +life better. Taking all of this into account, I think the best items would be:
Sword: King's Bastard Sword of Gore OR King's Bastard Sword of the Heavens Shield: Obsidian large Shield of the Tiger Helm: Obsidian Great Helm of the Lion *Armor: Awesome Studded Leather Armor of the Lion/osmosis? Rings: Iron ring of Zest, Iron Ring of the Jaguar, Ravens/Jaguar or zest (For more healing and mage variants, we duel without potions) *(might as well put AC here, since body armor is most probably giving more AC than anything else, and already having 2 Obsidian items will most likely give max resists). The lack of Prefix choices makes it hard to come up with really good rings and armor. Other options

-Raven's ring of the mind for mage-build.
-Obsidian helm and armor of sorcery for mage build again.
-Maybe all attributes instead of vitality for bow users.
-Adria was selling Bountiful staff of Phasing once, I thought this could be good also for mages, allowing unpredictable movement in duels.
-Maybe sword of sorcery, with dmg/to hit% for mage/warrior hybrids, but even then, I think King's heavens beat this.
-Blue/White/Red rings of +Life/Vita if resists aren't high enough
-Rings of the sky are not to be underestimated.

I think the most expensive item we'll have to buy is a King's Bastard Sword of the Heavens.
Based on the formula: C= Bp + Bs + Qp + Qs + I (Mp + Ms)
a perfect King's Bastard Sword of the Heavens would cost 112900. But that is Griswold's price.
For Wirt, multiply Griswold's price by 1.5. Sadly, it means we'll have to pay 169350 for a perfect King's / Heavens. So I would advise not shopping before having at least this amount of gold, which can be very inconvenient since so much gold takes nearly all the inventory space.

-Erayzer (with small edits by Legitdemowar)

Monday, December 10, 2012

Wednesday, April 25, 2012


A friend of mine was able to find these unused graphics in the Diablo 1 code. Some of them are pretty nifty.
I have heard that some of these are used in the Hellfire expansion.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


I have moved to a new place where I can only get internet when my phone is tethered into my computer. As such, the spawnbot will be down until I get a constant supply of internets.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


This is the list of shrine effects copied from Jarulf's Guide (an excellent D1 resource). It is always recommended to check what a shrine does before clicking it as some can have permanent damaging effects to your character.


Blood Fountain - Restores 1 life per click.
Fountain of Tears - +1 to one attribute, -1 to another attribute.
Murky Pool - Casts an Infravision spell.
Purifying Spring - Restores 1 mana per click.


Abandoned Shrine - +2 dexterity.
Creepy Shrine - +2 strength.
Cryptic Shrine - Casts a Nova spell and restores mana
Divine Shrine - Restores health and mana. Gives one Potion of Full Mana and one Potion of Full Life.
Eerie Shrine - +2 magic.
Eldritch Shrine - All potions become rejuvenation potions.
Enchanted Shrine - Lose 1 slvl for one spell (2 if it is at level 15). All other known spells gain 1 slvl.
Fascinating Shrine - Lose 10% of base mana and increases Firebolt 2 slvl.
Glimmering Shrine - Identifies all items in your inventory.
Hidden Shrine - -10 durability to one item equipped. +10 durability to all others equipped (never destroys an item).
Holy Shrine - Casts a Phasing spell.
Magical Shrine - Casts a Mana Shield spell.
Mysterious Shrine - +5 to one attribute, -1 to all others.
Ornate Shrine - Lose 10% of base mana and increases Holy Bolt 2 slvl.
Quiet Shrine - +2 vitality.
Religious Shrine - Restores all items to full durability.
Sacred Shrine - Lose 10% of base mana and increases Charged Bolt 2 slvl.
Secluded Shrine - Gives complete map of current level.
Spiritual Shrine - Gives a small amount of gold to each empty slot in your inventory.
Spooky Shrine - All other players get life and mana restored.
Stone Shrine - Restores charges in all staves.
Tainted - Does not affect user but other players get +1 to one attribute and -1 to all other attributes.

Friday, March 2, 2012